Shumway Research Group

Department of PhysicsArizona State UniversityTempe • AZ
Research in Path Integral Simulations, Quantum States of Matter, and Nanoscale Electronics

Research Opportunities


We like to get undergraduate physics majors involved to be involved research. Projects usually require programming experience, and are best suited for motivated students who want to learn more about the role quantum and statistical mechanics in nanotechnlogy. Some funds are available for part-time support.


Currently we have support for two graduate students. We frequently apply for more funding, and physics Ph. D. students or ASU applicants with an interest in our research in quantum dot modeling and path integral Monte Carlo are encouraged to inquire about our current research projects.


At the moment we don't have support for a postdoctoral researcher. We welcome qualified visitors with their own funding. We are particularly interested in talented people with an interest in developing quantum Monte Carlo methods and simulating nanostructures. Researchers with geniune interest in our research are encouraged keep an eye on our program for future job oportunities. You can learn more about our research from our publications, research codes, and from talking to our group members at conferences and workshops.